Good Questions: Stylish Steam Radiators?

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Hello AT,

Any ideas on where to get a stylish steam radiator? all the ones in the UK seem to only accommodate hot water systems.

Best, Grace

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Grace, this is a good question and one that we would like to know more of an answer to. In our house on Long Island we have baseboard heaters that have the hot water flowing in one side and out the other. These are “modern.” In our small apartment in the city, we have traditional steam radiators that have steam flowing in from one point and an excess valve on the other side.

Are modern radiators geared for hot water and traditional ones geared for steam? Perhaps. At any rate if you want a modern design, you may be stuck.

All the searches we did for “modern radiators” turned up English companies. Perhaps this is a niche that should be filled?

Anyone else have a resource?