Good Questions: Can the Paulistano and Tom Vac Go Together?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I am looking for advice on whether the Paulistano chair in white could work in a room with the Tom Vac chair (which I already have and LOVE). …

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Are these two chairs (one plastic, one leather) too different to sit together? please help before I pour my life savings into a mis-matched living room!

thanks, julie

Dear Julie,

We put our vote in first. We said yes. If you like them both and they’re both comfortable, AND you are going for a more eclectic, modern look, then you have no problem. The only thing we would question is whether of not you should do both chairs in white… It might tie them together too much, be too uniform and feel a little antiseptic. We don’t know the rest of your interior, but we’d look hard at mixing with the black Paulistano to add punch and liveliness, if you have a white, modern interior.

Anyone else??