Good Questions: Cheap Holiday Decoration Stores?

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Hello AT,

It’s time to decorate my tiny apt. for Christmas. I know I can go to Jack’s but I’d love to hear what others do on a budget. What are the favorite CHEAP stores for holiday decorating?

Thanks, Anne

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Dear Anne,

1. What is Jacks?
2. What we do is very simple (and stores don’t really come into play). We clean up and then wash the windows, inside and out. This makes the windows shinier, allows in more light and makes the candles that we put in them reflect a lot more. Then we buy a simple wreath for the front door and a tiny tree-top for our living area, which is in our bedroom. That’s it.
3. We love the smell of the evergreen and it is nice to change the appearance of your front door – both for yourself as well as for others.

We are, admittedly, rather minimal. If we had more room, we would probably do more. Anyone else???