Good Questions: Advice for Babyproofing Problems

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Rachel sent us an email: I’m hoping your clever readers can help us with some baby-proofing problems.

Our one-year-old Eli (who had a birthday shout-out a few weeks ago) is thisclose to being able to walk on his own, and, of course, he keeps cruising towards all kinds of disgusting or dangerous locations–the toilet, the garbage can, et cetera. This has raised a few questions about baby-proofing:

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–We tried to get one of those latches that locks the toilet seat cover down, but the adhesive wouldn’t hold. Is there another brand that’s more effective? Are there other solutions (besides just shutting the bathroom door) that we should try?

–Eli also keeps trying to get into the garbage. Again, solutions for keeping his hands out? We use a pedal-operated can for his diapers, and the appeal is being able to dispose of a diaper without contaminating the lid; is there a way to keep it pedal-operated and still baby-proof it?

–Though it seems like ages until spring arrives, I’m thinking ahead to the months when we’ll be out in our postage-stamp garden. I want my son to be able to play in the dirt and poke worms with sticks, but I’m also worried about poisonous plants, sharp rocks, an enticing compost bin…are there gardening-related baby-proofing tips I should know about?

Thanks, in advance, for any help or advice!

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