Good Questions: Flourescent Replacement?

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Hello AT,

I am currently renting an apartment whose kitchen is lit by a garish fluorescent tube fixture. Considering that trashing the fixture and rewiring my kitchen ceiling is out of the question, can anybody recommend a less harsh high-quality brand of fluorescent lighting or perhaps even an incandescent tube that may be compatible with the same fixture?

Thanks much, Matthew

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This is a good question. We believe that you can buy long tubes that shine a much better light, more in tune with a daylight bulb. We believe, however, that all of these tubes are in the flourescent family. And over at GE Lighting they say they have improved the color quality, but who knows?

We think you’d be much better off to work on the covering and to deflect the light as much as possible, OR to simply not use it at all and come up with alternatives, such as undercounter lighting, which is easy to install yourself.

In addition, you would be surprised how easy it is to remove a flourescent fixture and install a different fixture. The electrical box is exactly the same and will require no modification. All you have to do it remove the fuse, unscrew the fixture and take it out the door.

Anyone else?