Good Questions: How Big is Too Big For an Overhead Light?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I need to replace an overhead light in our entry way. The problem is that 1)There is a pipe about 10″ away (so the light would have to hang below that) 2) The space between the wall (which leads into the bathroom) and our entry open closet/shoe racks is around 55″.

The ceiling height is 9ft.

My main question is: How big is too big?

I don’t want a tiny little spotlight light like there is now, but I don’t want the light to look awkwardly oversized for the space.

I’m loving this pendant shade from Nicolette Brunklaus, because it has some interest inside the shade. But at aprox. 12×15″ is it too big?

Any other suggestions for this space? I’m willing to spend up to $300, but cheaper options are definitely welcome!

Thanks! Stephanie


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