Good Questions: Should I Get a Straighter Edged Mattress?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

My husband and I just moved into a new condo three days ago. I bought the Icara DWR Bed and put a new Macy’s mattress on it. Problem is, the corners of the mattress are rounded and the Icara has very straight corners where the mattress fits in.

It really should have a memory foam mattress, like the Sonno DWR one, which I believe has straighter corners.

I am pulling my hair out trying to decide if this mattress ruins the integrity of the beautiful DWR bed…

It is also a bit on the thick side, which hides a lot of the gentle curving head board. Question is SHOULD I SEND THIS MATTRESS BACK AND GET A STRAIGHTER EDGED ONE? I’ve seen the Rest on Clouds 10″ version, which is 2″ thicker than the DWR Sonno, but not as thick as the new Macy’s one we have, which seems like a good compromise. I am not a picky sleeper, and my husband could sleep on a bed of nails and be happy, so it doesn’t matter if we try it out or not…

Thanks! Heather

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