Good Questions: Online Fabric Source for Solid Gray?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear AT,

My wife and I happened upon a great Mid-C Modern sofa and chair set at a garage sale. The original cushions are worn out and flat, but the frames are all in excellent condition. Each piece has individual seat and back cushions, so we’ve purchased new foam to replace the old ones, but we can’t find upholstery fabric in the color we want…

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You see, we’re looking for a solid gray fabric that’s similar to the color of our cat, Rufus (See picture to follow). However, gray seems to be an almost unheard of color in fabrics, unless it’s part of a pattern, which we’re not really looking for.

Does anyone out there know of an online fabric store (Sorry, we’re in St. Louis, so our resources are somewhat limited) that offers a nice, wide variety of upholstery fabrics in rather unusual colors?

Thanks in advance,

SpaceMonkeyX and Zenbot