Good Questions: Cool Pub Table?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hi there AT,

I’m writing with the hope you can help me locate a modern pub table. It’s actually for my brother, a hip, 34 year old bachelor who has recently taken an interest in making his living space reflect the cool guy he is.

He is seeking a pub table to function as his dining table (probably used more for cocktails, but an occasional meal). We had our heart set on the Brio table from DWR (at left), but the diameter is just too small (24″) for 2 people to realistically sit down and eat a meal.

He liked the convertible height, but more importantly, the wood top and metal base. Can you please suggest any alternatives with a slightly larger diameter? Thanks so much! Sara

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A cool pub table for your cool brother? How about these?

The Hydra Table moves up and down and you can choose the top.
Ebco Products allows you to build your own.
Room and Board also allows you to choose from their bases and match it with our own top.
Brayton makes a funky, crazy one

Anyone else???