Good Questions: Regular Fridge But Less Deep?

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Hello AT,

I need help! Please tell me you know where one can buy a ‘regular’ size ‘fridge with a depth of less than 26 and 1/4 inches.

My kitchen doorway/entrance is the kicker here. I may have to either live without a ‘fridge or knock down a kitchen wall or two!

I’ve tried most large retail stores (like Sears), but they only carry 29 inches and larger.

Thanks, katrina

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First, we don’t have a silver bullet.


of course, Sub Zero have made their living off of NYC for offering big fridges that are slim (typically 24″ deep). They are nice & $$$. For other sources we would look at
This thread on Leibherr and Thermador fridges
And give these guys a call: Bloom & Krup for advice.

Anyone else??