Good Questions: Cool Toothbrushes?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

Do you all know where I can find a pretty toothbrush? Sounds kind of silly until you start looking for one… they’re nearly all neon and bulbous and covered with some superhero or another. I found some nice ones at, but would really like to find more.

If you can answer this, thanks very much! Thanks, Janet

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Dear Janet,

We TOTALLY agree with you. If ever there was a design monopoly to be busted up, it is the one made up of Oral-B, Colgate and REACH.

For us minimalists, we prefer the Preserve Toothbrushes, which are very nice and recycled. However, for a fancier brush we have long ogled the thick square handled ones with the pure bristles that we have seen in Bigelow Pharmacy on 6th Avenue. Anyone Else???