Good Questions: Can I Evict My Housemate?

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Hello AT,

This is a tricky question. I rent a room from a woman who holds the lease to our apartment. The apartment is in a great location and the rent that I pay is an amazing $400 a month. I have been there four years. But there is a problem.

My apartment mate is a total and utter slob. She has a problem with letting things go her side is filling up with unimaginable clutter. And then there are the hairballs in the kitchen…. I can’t take it anymore.

I don’t think she will ever change, but I never want to give up this great rent. Do I have any legal rights? Can I evict her or is there anything I can do?

Thanks, Ross

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Dear Ross,

New York real estate will drive people to do some pretty crazy things. However, we don’t believe that you have any rights without holding the lease and you’re fate is that it’s either HER way or the highway.

Anyone else?

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