Good Questions: Replacing Steps to Terrace?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello Apartment Therapy, This winter, I made it my personal mission to conquer the constant air leaks that were making our heating bills skyrocket. One day I noticed that the leaves of my indoor plants were rustling in the wind. Lo and behold, a massive amount of cold air was blowing in through seams in the wooden stairs leading to our terrace. In a fit of (over)excitement, I managed to remove the stairs and used expanding foam to seal all of the gaps in the brick and drywall — problem solved! Except that removing the stairs pretty much destroyed them.

Now we’re thinking of replacing them with a single brick step to go across the whole area — the wood floors are discolored and there are holes from where the original stairs were attached. My problem is that the space is 49″ across and 10″ high and I really don’t want to have to lay 200 bricks. I’m also thinking that we need to make the step removable or at least moveable in case we want to replace the floors in the next few years. I was thinking of “floating” the step on a piece of plywood and hiding the edges with quarter-round.

Any suggestions from Apartment Therapy readers on what to do? Should we do the step ourselves, or are there any kits out there? Thanks! Caitlin

Caitlin, be aware that your state or city may have very specific building codes for residential stairs and steps. You don’t want to spend money and time on a project that will de-value your home!

Anyone else?

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