Good Questions: Best Furniture Placement for This Layout?

Good Questions: Best Furniture Placement for This Layout?

Heather Blaha
Jun 12, 2007

Dear AT,

I just moved to a studio but I am not quite sure how to place the furniture. I need to fit sofa, ottoman, desk, chair, coffee table, side table, bookshelf and small entertaiment center. I am enclosing the floor plan. The unit is 550 sq/ft and one of the closets (next to kitchen) was replaced by a murphy bed. Thanks in advance for your comments!


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Dear Silvana,

550 sq. ft. is pretty significant for a studio, especially given the fact that your dining area is separate and one closet was replaced with a murphy bed (we'd love to see that once you've settled in!). Not knowing how large your furniture is, it's hard to say what should go where. As a general rule, though, we abide by placing the most-used furniture by the windows if possible. For instance, if you work at home, we'd put your desk in front of the windows.

Since your murphy bed will create a "bedroom" when in use, you don't want to take up that side of the room with anything you'll have to move or things that will get in the way of a simple respite.

It's likely that the sofa will only make sense (and fit) along the longest wall (in front of the bathroom) or under the windows. If this is true, it's important to create clusters of space: where you relax, where you work, etc. And remember one of AT's home cure mantras (Chapter 2): Energy should flow throughout your space, not get stuck in one place. A straight line of open space through your main room will not make your studio feel like a home. So try to not line everything up against the walls. If this means getting rid of something or swapping sizes and styles of pieces, then this is one option you may want to consider.

Readers, take it away!

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