Good Questions: What’s That Gray in the Pic?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I thrive in light!! But my bedroom doesn’t have a lot of it.

Instead of painting white, I would like a very pale gray color to put on my bedroom walls-like the one that is shown in The Paris Apartment store you featured.

Do you know what color that is or any suggestion for a “warm” gray that would be good for northern/little light?

Thanks, Darryle

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We don’t know the exact color in that pic, but you could certainly find out by calling Claudia Strasser herself at The Paris Apartment. We just gave her a call and left a message. If you get to her before us, let us know the answer.

Scratch that: Claudia just called and the answer is…

Janovic Plaza’s “Siberian Snowflake.”

She says that she tested hundreds of colors and that this was the winner. It is “the perfect gray.”

Thanks, Claudia!

As for surviving in low light, we highly recommend the generous use of lighting fixtures and full-spectrum daylight bulbs. These are a bit more expensive, but they look and feel a lot better in dark, non-sunny apartments (like ours).

Anyone else??