Good Questions: Where do ice cream trucks go in the winter?

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Hello AT,

Where do ice cream trucks go in the winter?

Thanks, Lori 2

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Dear Lori, funny you should ask. Being a hardened Manahattanite our entire life, we didn’t really grow up with ice cream trucks, but we did a little research and found out this much:

From LordkaT: “About 2 miles from where I live is where the Lickity Split fleet of ice cream trucks are parked, and I mean fleet: there’s about 20 trucks parked there at night. During the winter months their shipped off to various places to receive maintenence.”

As for WHERE those places are, we’re out of our league. However, you could call Berliners Specialty Distributors at (301) 927-4444 and ask them. They are one of the largest ice cream truck vending operations in the country.