Good Questions: Which designer “classic” furniture item do you regret buying?

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Hello AT,

I would like to suggest a survey question:

Which designer “classic” furniture item do you regret buying?

I’ve been a fan of the Eames Lounge Chair but since it’s such an old design, I’m wondering how good a piece of furniture it really is and whether it becomes less comfortable as time goes on. I also wonder if it could sub for an at home computer chair since I find most computer chairs to be incredibly uncomfortable and sometimes I like to sit crosslegged in front of my desk/computer.

Thanks, JJ

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your question is a bit confusing, but we like the survey idea and hope people will answer that.

As for the Eames chair specifically, it ain’t a classic for nothing, meaning that it is a FINE piece of furniture. As for using it as a computer chair, the leather lounger is not meant to pull up to a desk and ain’t anything near the right height. It’s a “lounge” chair. As for the plywood lounge chair, it’s still really not desk height ready (unless you lower your desk) and the positioning of the chair is back and low.

If you like to work on a lounge chair with your computer in your lap, you’d be fine, but if you work at a desk, you’ll need to keep looking.

Anyone Else??