Good Questions: Glass Vases into Lamps?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Hello AT,

I have two very beautiful vases that I bought from Dandelion last year. I absolutely love them, and just got the idea that I wanted to turn them into lamps for my apartment. I am not the DIY type, and was wondering is there a place in SF that could turn my modern vases into custom lamps?

Thanks! JC

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Dear JC,

Your lamps are beautiful and we agree that theyd be lovely vases, sort of along the lines of Simon Pearce’s, only much more ethereal.

We recently did a post about turning prized objects into lamp bases, and we’d refer you there and suggest you attempt a DIY–but we’re pretty sure that drilling holes into delicate glass to make way for the wiring falls into the realm of the impossible, even for a expert DIYer. But that’s why we have readers. Hopefully someone will beg to differ–and knows of a great resource who can do the construction and wiring for you.