Good Questions: How Big a Closet Should I Add?

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Hello AT,

When remodeling a master bedroom would you add a reach-in closet along a wall or dramatically shrink the size of the bedroom and add a walk-in closet?

Thanks for your ideas/suggestions,

Beth B.

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Dear Beth,

This is a very personal decision and most of it depends on how much other storage you have in your apartment. However, the other question is how much stuff do you really want to store? Either your stuff gets more room or YOU get more room.

Looking at it from another point, if your bedroom is real big and adding a walking closet wouldn’t compromise the design and proportions of the room too much, go for it, otherwise, keep your bedroom feeling like a master bedroom and get by with less storage space. As you may know, we are not big proponents of overdoing the storage and prefer to pare down and live lighter.

If you go for the reach-in closet, we recommend not installing doors and covering it with curtains instead. This will give your reach-in the feeling of a walk-in as you never have cramped quarters of difficulty finding things in the closet.

Anyone else?