Good Questions: Good Radiator Cover Source?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

My radiators are ugly. Really ugly. Peeling paint, bits of stuff that obviously dried into the paint when it was wet…and a nasty yellow color. So, dear AT crew, please advise: where in NYC or online might one purchase a radiator cover? (I’m in Brooklyn.)

Alternatively, can you just use regular indoor latex paint on them, or is there a special heat-friendly formulation I should look for?

Thanks a million! Elizabeth

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Dear Elizabeth,

We don’t know about off-the-shelf radiator covers, but you can certainly get them made in either metal or wood. We have used Knossos Cabinetry on 6th avenue as well as Blinds & Beyond on 13th street and would recommend them. But be warned, this type of thing can get pricey.

For links we found this one from Old House Web, with a list of vendors.

We have always painted our radiators and used regular latex paint, which doesn’t do a bad job at all. On pipes or radiators in bathrooms, it seems to come off real quick though, but there is radiator paint which solves this problem as well. This option, of course, is the cheapest.

Anyone else??

(pic is from Jali Home Design in the UK)