Good Questions: Good railing resource?

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Hello AT,
We live in San Francisco and we have a tiny little deck out back, which connects with our upstairs neighbors via a staircase. It’s rotted and is all being redone. Every railing choice seems so suburban to me, though, and the manmade choices are horrific–weird plasticky “cedar.” There’s also a multitude of codes, meaning there can’t be space for a baby to fall through and there has to be a handrail. City-dwellers aren’t often faced with outdoor issues, and I wonder if you know any beautiful modern designs or resources or, heck, ideas! Many many thanks.

– Andy from the Lower Haight

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Hey Andy- We lived with a similar drama and ended up moving before we could get our landlord to do anything about it. While we found some INFO (with oodles on Google), We are opening this one up to the ATLA community.

Anyone have advice for Andy?