Good Questions: Slippery Mattress Topper?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hi AT,

I just bought a great memory foam mattress topper and I’m really enjoying it. The problem is it tends to slide a little bit further down the bed every night. After a few days we have to take off the fitted sheet and yank the topper back up into place. Any idea how to get the thing to stay put?



Good question. We did some research, and came up with the following suggestions:

According to, “One solution is to place a tightly fitting fitted sheet over the mattress and then use “sheet straps” to ensure the sheet holds the mattress on top.”

Healthy Foundations says, “most people find the memory foam mattress topper pad works just fine uncovered if they put it under their existing quilted mattress pad (there just needs to be enough stretch in the quilted mattress pad to allow it to fit over the topper pad)… just the memory foam topper pad without a cover on your mattress helps the pad stay in place better on your mattress. This is because the memory foam has a slightly tacky feel that helps keep the topper pad from sliding around on the typical slick, shiny mattress coverings…”

Anyone have any other tips?

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