Good Questions: Appliance Repair Resources?

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Hello AT,

I am heartbroken! Running late this morning, trying to get to work, throwing in some laundry and swigging my coffee, I discovered that the machine suddenly would not work. Alas, my help-mate, my dearly beloved clothes-washing machine is on fritz.

Now I am at work and all I can think about is my dirty gym shorts molding in the broken machine. Do you know anyone I can call to fix this R2D2 of appliances? I live on the Upper East Side.

Forever indebted, Charles

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Dear Charles,

You have come to the right place. Even though we don’t own a washer/dryer in this city (and GOD wouldn’t it be nice if we did), we think we can help you. Here is a list of likely solutions in your area starting with Elgot on Lexington.
Elgot: They now do whole kitchens, but we have ordered and had fixed appliances by them.
Gracious Home: Says it does repairs as well.
Rapid Repair Service: (917)575-3110
Richie’s Repair: He’s in the Bronx, but he’s got the best website.
Desco Appliance: Nice guys here. Only bought vacuums from them.
Millwood’s Same Day Appliance Repair: Looks real promising.

Hello! The Franklin Report: They have ZERO information in this category!!