Good Questions: Are Modular Sofas Okay?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

Is it ever ok to have a modular sofa? In what kind of space does it make sense and when does it not?

Thanks, Sara

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Dear Sara,

What a strange and original question. We’re so tempted to come up with some witty answer, but we can’t for the life of us find one.

Sooooooo…Are modular sofa’s okay? Of course they are, and they are particularly okay in LARGE spaces as they generally require more length and width AND in open, loft-like apartments where you want to use your furniture to define spaces inside of the room. For these reasons, they do not make much sense in small apartments.

However, if we are talking about style, we find that modular sofas are not in fashion right now as their cubic, right angled shape smacks of the 70’s, when people are looking for pieces that show more leg, have more curves and express more definition. This is the new Fab, Directional style.

Personally, we like a sofa/chaise combination and don’t like the modular units that form a horseshoe and look like a chess move. A long sofa with an extending chaise in a nice big space is super cozy. Just be sure not to get a sofa like this, point it at your television and not buy any more furniture. Modular sofa’s like this still need two more seats facing them to form a social unit.


Anyone else??