Good Questions: What’s the Deal With RH Sofas?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hi AT,

As the Restoration Hardware upholstery sale comes to an end (on Sunday the 18th,)I’m wondering whether to purchase one of their Grand Scale English Roll Arm Sofas. You didn’t mention RH in your story about sofas — any reason why? Anyone have any experience with their upholstered furniture?

Thanks for your help. Amy

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Dear Amy, it was Alec’s idea to go to Room and Board and sit on all their sofas, and it was such a good one that we feel we HAVE to go to a number of other stores and sit on their sofas too. Want to come?

As for RH, in our humble opinion, their upholstered furniture is very GOOD. It’s a real step up from Pottery Barn (in price as well), but the money is well spent. We look forward to hearing what others have to say, but we would give your purchase the thumbs up – especially at the sale price. And congratulations on the new furniture!