Good Questions: Makeover for Wedding Pics?

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Hello AT,

My son David is getting married on Aug 5/06. It is customary for pictures of the groom and parents to be taken before the groom goes to church to get married.

The problem is that my living and dining rooms are open concept 70’s style. I don’t like them, and I don’t want them to be in these pictures.

How do I change this without spending a lot of money on new furniture?

Thanks, Desperate (Pic: Eurobad)

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Dear Desperate,

We rather think the crowd will do better with this one, but we’ll give a college try.

1. Take the photos elsewhere. If it’s not really going to look like your home, then take the pictures at a neighbors or a friends.
2. Redo only one room and make it the way you want it to be for the pictures. If you’re going to make changes sooner or later, what better time than now?
3. Rent furniture! Many furniture and accessory shops rent furniture to TV shows and photo shoots. Since that is what you are doing, why not consider this?

Anyone else??