Good Questions: How To Fix This Hinge?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I’m a new homeowner and I’ve already managed to break the hinge on my medicine cabinet — as you can see from the photo, the pin is missing its bottom part.

As you can also see from the photo, the hinges were painted over quite thickly so it would be difficult to unscrew the old hinges and replace them with new ones, even if I was patient enough to sand off the paint. I don’t really want to replace the whole cabinet because it’s a) serviceable now b) recessed into the wall and c) I may decide to redo the whole bathroom in a couple of years. And tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Matilda

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Dear Matilda,

What a great name. Those old hinges are lovely and usually very well made (which is why they lasted so long). Do you really need to fix this? Does the pin fall out? Is the door wobbly because of this?

We would advise not removing the hinges, but replacing the pin if you must. We would then look first at a few vintage hardware stores to see if they have anything similar and then head over to the regular old hardware store.

This is not a great answer. We are basically advising that you limp along until you to a total makeover, but perhaps someone else can be more helpful. Anyone?