Good Questions: Replace The Drywall or Not?

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Hello AT,

We had a water leak from the fridge line that ran into the finished basement. A wide section of drywall got wet, to the point that the tape on the joints started to pull away. The carpet has been dried out and repaired, and we sucked up as much water as possible and used a drier on the room for 24 hrs.

However the drier was not supplied to us until after 3 days. Our house is still under warranty and the basement was only completed 90 days ago. The contractor wants to send the drywall company in to replace the tape on the joints but not remove the drywall where the water was. He said we did not need to worry about mold or the insulation.

Can you tell me if this is a good solution or should I push them to replace the drywall and insulation in that section?

Thank you, Alison

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Dear Alison,

This is for the crowd, but we’d say that better safe than sorry rules the day here, especially in a basement. Take out some of the drywall and have a real look. Then either replace it all or simply patch.

Anyone else??