Good Questions: How Can I Fix My Bedroom?

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Hello AT,

Hi! I’ve been a daily lurker of AT for the past several months and have finally summoned all my courage to ask for HELP!!

I need some ideas and suggesstions for my disasterous room (photos here). I have a bench and dresser that I love, but I just can’t figure out how to tie the rest of the room together. The bedding doesn’t match, the paint doesn’t go. Please help. I would love any advice.

Thanks, Kanwal

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Dear Kanwal,

Tough one. The main problem is that your bedroom is at a crossroads. It’s got a traditional North American bone structure and you have inserted into it a much older Persian or Northern African theme. We find your furniture FAR more interesting, so the challenge for you is to take it further. You need more furniture:
2 bedside tables
2 bedside lamps
2 arm chair with lamp
Art on the walls
1 or 2 small rugs by the bedside

We could try the bench at the base of the bed and use the new elements as an opportunity to introduce color – reds, golds, even greens. As you go with your theme, address the other issue: the blandness of the color in the room. Go for it!

Anyone else???