Good Questions: How to Make a Decorative Fireplace Decorative?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I live in a LES tenement studio with two brick fireplaces, one in the ‘bedroom’ that’s not much of a centerpiece but certainly visible, and one in the “living room” that is the focal point. Many new yorker’s have these things, and every new yorker’s visceral reaction is to immediately store things in them. i’m wondering what the more design-minded folk like to do. Mine are beautiful – floor to ceiling brick, several feet across. I’d like to do them justice.

here are some recent suggestions I’ve recieved:

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1. dried flowers (‘fraid that’s a little too girly for me.)

2. christmas lights (perfect! i’ll put some empty liquor bottles in there, too – awesome! i hope we all stay in touch after graduation.)

3. candles of assorted size (messy, and I threw out my Lisa Loeb CDs years ago.)

4. shoes (ah – see! they almost slipped that one past me . . . but as I said before I don’t want to use them for storage)

all i’ve got is an inkling that something wrought iron might be nice, but what?

don’t know if you’ll see fit to post the subject to the site in some form, but I thought it was a question worth asking.

thanks, dean

Dean, you’ve got us cornered. You’ve got all the answers and none of them are good enough. (fyi SKGR says, “put in pictures of your wife! or a pet bed!) We agree, however, that finding the right thing to put in a fireplace is tough, and they tend to get dirty and dusty right away if you fill them up.

We think that LIGHT is the proper thing to put in a fireplace and anything else looks silly. What kind of light you use is up to your style. We think candles CAN look very good if you shy away from the gold drippy Liberace effect ones. Or how about a spotlight mounted up inside the chimney shining down on bright, fresh flowers? Anyone else? MGR