Good Questions: Good Rugs For Solo Dancing?

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Hello AT,

I can’t put buying rugs off any longer. My downstairs neighbor has had enough of my rolling desk chair, my husband’s heavy footfalls, and my wild solo dancing. Having been a downstairs neighbor myself, I sympathize. I have to buy rugs. I already have an area rug in my “living room.” Is putting the existing oriental rug over a larger neutral one verboten? And what should go under the dining table? I want something flat so I can open the closet door without having to push the rug aside.

Finally, I don’t want to spend a lot of money and have been looking at jute/sisal and wonder which is better or if there’s a better alternative.

Thanks, Stacey (pic: PB SENNA KILIM RUG)

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Extra Text from Stacey “([the dining table is] not in its own room; it’s more like an entryway/extension of the living room and gets the noisy traffic from living room to kitchen, which, as my waistline will prove, is also heavy traffic.) “

Dear Stacey,

You have to promise to send us pics of your wild solo dancing upon your new rugs.

1. For sound, you can do anything you want and putting a smaller rug over a larger one can be very chic if the colors go well together. If the larger rug is neutral as you say and the smaller one colorful and patterned, that should work fine as well. But do you need extra rug where you already have it?

2. Good thick rug pads will help more with noise than anything and don’t cost as much as a rug. Put these under everything you can.

3. In the dining room we would go with a flat weave kilim. It’s wool, it’s dense, they are beautiful and not too expensive.

4. Stay away from Sisal (even with jute in it – which is a bit better)!!!! We love sisal in a country house, but it has minimal sound muffling qualities, stains easily and is hard to clean.

5. If you want good, affordable rugs we head over to the following places. They aren’t the most original, but they do have the goods. And stick with wool when you can, as it lasts longer and cleans up better.
Pottery Barn
ABC – for kilims and in the remnant section for everything else
The Rugman is an interesting resource
Flor Tiles can work nicely in a hallway or dining space (they are very flat)
Room & Board