Good Questions: Ideas for My Pass Through Counter Top?

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Hello AT,

I have a pass through from the kitchen into the living room. There
is a rectangular granite countertop that is 70″w x 14″l with a steel plate glued underneath it. I want to put in a larger half-moon shaped countertop on top of it to create a larger rounded counter eating space. At the max length of the half-moon would be up to 33″. MORE BELOW…

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I don’t like the color of the granite countertop but don’t plan to replace it at this time in the kitchen area, only in the pass-through area. So I need to get a design or material that will blend with the kitchen countertop.

Possibly something in a solid espresso tone. I’m thinking a wooden type might work out, but I have no idea where to look beyond Home Depot of Lowes. Any suggestions in the NYC area?

Thanks, Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth,

An expresso tone seems like a good idea. A warmer tone would be nice here and pick up the warmth of your cabinets and the off white paint. Your pic ain’t too great, but it gives enough information to confirm that choice as least.

What material is the issue. This really is a custom situation and your obvious choice is either melamine veneer on wood (affordable), Corian or stone (more expensive). Melamine is easy. All you do is call Bill Skinner at Astech Closets and he’ll bring over a deck of melamine colors for you to choose from and make something up in about 2-3 weeks. A wood/melamine countertop could also be easily fitted over your existing granite – not so the next two choices.

For stone and Corian, you need to go look at some and you can do this in a bunch of places. One good place to see samples is at New York Kitchen and Bath on 25th Street.

Anyone else?