Good Questions: Dana's New Bed Perplexer

Good Questions: Dana's New Bed Perplexer

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 21, 2006

Dear AT,

Since it's bedroom month, I thought I'd send along some photos of my new bed along with a plea for advice.

I bought this bed a few weeks ago on Craigslist for only 75 bucks. It was hand made out of steel by a woman here in sf who used to be a furniture designer. She told me this bed was the prototype for a bed she later produced for several clients. It was a bit beat up and rusty... and admit that it got a bit worse while sitting out on the deck this last week waiting for a good polishing when it started raining a tiny bit. Oops!

In the end, it only took three of us a little more than an hour to scrub away the grime. Well, most of the grime. We got a little tired. After dragging it into the house and setting the whole thing up... I love it. I love my new bed. It's just that now I hate the rest of the house.

The new bed is higher off the ground than I thought it would be, and I'm really used to sleeping on a low futon. This also brings a totally new perspective on the room, and raises so many questions. Like:

1. Does that rug need to go? it looks so weird now. Is it ok to have the bed on the bare floor? Or do I just need a different rug?

1.b. Can I still store stuff under the bed?

1.c. Are there some kind of feet I can attach to the legs? Rubber or the like? Those temporary cardboard feet don't look very nice, but keep any residual rust off the carpet for now.

2. What do I do with my duvet? it's not a platform bed, so I can't tuck it in, but it seems to hang oddly over the sides of the new bed.

3. Oh that bedside table really has to go. And ideas? it's a pretty small space right there. Oh yes, and I also have no money.

4. Need to lower those photos over the bedside table!

5. Should I make a headboard? As in, the piece-of-wood-covered-in-fabric? Do I attach it to the bedframe?

6. Yes, everything on the dresser needs re-arranging, and that floor lamp is going to a new home. Still not happy with the shade on that table lamp. Hmm.

Thanks in advance for any advice! Low-cost solutions always receive extra brownie points. Or extra brownies!


Dear Dana,

We're only going to bite off the rug issue. We would recommend getting rid of the rug for two reasons: one, it is sort of wasted under the bed and two, it - combined with the bedframe - really gives a cold feeling to the bedroom. We'd like to see the cool bedframe against your wood floors and see something a little more colorful in the way of rugs on either side of the bed. We also think that you are a perfect candidate for Angela Adams studio rugs (which remind us of the great colors in your bathroom!).

Anyone else??

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