Good Questions: Which Flat Screen?

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Dear AT:HT,

My partner and I together have 2 clunky TVs, 1 stereo receiver/radio, 1 stereo CD player, 1 tape deck, and 6 speakers. This is just too much ugly equipment for our 600 square feet! I am hoping to convince him to sell everything on eBay and purchase 1 streamlined, flat-screen TV. (We would use this TV with our DVD player to play music and watch movies, and I guess listen to the radio on our alarm clock.) My question is: will the sound on the new TV be good enough to satisfy him when listening to music? Can you recommend a flat screen TV that has good built-in speakers? (Our absolute limit is $1000.)

Thanks, MrBabyKelly

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This is a really good question as most flat panel TV reviews focus mostly on the picture quality in terms of resolution, refresh rate and brightness with very little mention of sound quality. From personal experience, we seem to notice better sound quality from sets that have the speakers mounted on either side of the LCD rather than underneath, although the side mounted speaker design seems to be less common nowadays. As for what specific brand sounds the best under $1000 we would probably take a look at something like this Samsung because of its hidden side mounted speakers, but It is really tough to judge one TV over another in the sound department based purely on specs as most show 10w speakers with virtual surround. Listening to them in person will really be the only way for you to decide.

Does anyone have suggestions to help narrow down their search?

Thanks for the question!