Good Questions: Turn This Closet into a Palace?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

My fiance and I were subletting our current apt from a guy who went off to Ireland but left his stuff…long story short, we finally took over the lease and got rid of the last of his belongings, freeing up the second of two small closets in the apt.

And now I’d like to turn the closet into an office/studio. The dimensions are 3feet x 3feet and the ceiling is at least 10 feet high. Any thoughts on where to begin? The only catch is we keep our bookcase of shoes in there. The closet is right off of the front door so we also can’t have anything sticking out of the closet. And I’d also need to figure out how to store materials for my crafting, such as a mini sewing machine and various tools and drawing pads.

I know it seems like an impossible task, but I’m sure you guys will have lots of thoughts.

Thanks! Susan

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Dear Susan,

The first element of this design is going to be letting go of all the things you WANT to do in this closet and allowing yourself to creatively think about what the closet will practically hold. You don’t want to stuff it to the gills in a new way. That is not good design.

If you are really serious about creating a micro-office and that is your greatest need, then start there. We would put in a nice 2′ deep desktop with a rolling chair that slides underneath it and then start your storage and shelving 18″ inches above the desk. You can put all your crafting and whatnot in there and you MIGHT also get your shoes in farther up. Also, we would remove the door, hang a curtain instead and light the closet with a strong halogen from the ceiling and with a desklamp down below.

We would also go directly to a closet outfit like Astech or California Closets to take care of this for you, as they will build into the space very efficiently.

Anyone else???