Good Questions: How Do I Deodorize a Rug?

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A couple of months ago I purchased a gorgeous felted rug on Craigslist but it smelled so much like a camel I had to put it outside to air it out. It’s still outside and it still smells like a camel. Any tips on getting rid of that smell so I can finally bring it inside and revel in its beauty?



We went to the experts for this one, and called Peace Industry, the San Francisco store that sells beautiful felt rugs. Their advice was to wash it a lot, with water and soap. They say that if it’s a well-made rug, it’s already shrunk, and washing won’t hurt it. (Of course, if you bought it secondhand, and you don’t know about the quality, keep in mind there are no guarantees about what will happen when you wash it.)

Anyone else?

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