Good Questions: Affordable Art Deco Rug Resource?

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Hello AT,

I am trying to mix my modern and antique furniture finds/hand-me- downs. I am in love with a few blue Art Deco Chinese (Nichols) rugs I have seen over time and love the more “modern” look of this vintage rug (left and below). The pile is often higher, and the more simplistic patterns appeal to me (not the flowery ones as much!) Unfortunately, most are way too far out of my budget while the reproductions of the style are gaudy.

Any idea of where to find a modern replacement? I prefer the rugs with shades of blue and beige, but as long as it has blue in it, I’m pretty open!

Thanks, Liddy

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear Liddy,
As the questions get harder and harder, we feel our insequrities begin to rise. Nichols’ rugs are a new subject for us and a fascinating one, given the research we just did in order to get a handle on an answer. Modern replacements don’t come to mind in a lower price range, and we think your best bet would still be used online.

Here are our best links:
Ebay has 5 listed now but not in your colors. Frequently checking here advised.
CL Powersearch will allow you to search all of Craigslist at once and has a free trial ($5.95 afterwards)
1st Dibs is an all furniture auction house and has this rug right now.
Decodame has rugs like Nichols but we couldn’t find the prices.

As for resources in NYC:
At Depression Modern they are experts on art deco and should have a resource.
Joseph at Carini Lang is making carpets in this direction lately. His are expensive, but he might have a good resource for you.

Anyone else?