Good Questions: Where Should I Go Design Shopping This Weekend?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

The promise of 50+ degree temperatures this weekend is going to lure me out of my Connecticut hideaway and into NYC for a day. I’d love to spend some time window shopping at some of the shops I hear all of you talking about on AT.

Is there a particular area of the city where the best stores are concentrated? I definitely want to hit West Elm while I’m in town to see their stuff in person.

Thanks, Amanda

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Dear Amanda,

This is like throwing steak our to hungry wolves. Where shall we start?

First of all if you use our STORES GUIDE and search by location you should be able to put together a list easy as pie.

Soho is a must as it has turned into Design Mall USA.
Stores include
Global Table
Room & Board
Andriana Shamaris…..

Brooklyn also has some great spots on Atlantic Avenue and in Williamsburg.

We hand it off…