Good Questions: What Color Walls to Go with My New Shower Curtain?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear AT;
After a long, ridiculously obsessive search I found a cloth shower curtain I love. It’s from Susan Sargent. Now I’m wondering what color to paint the walls.

I love color and was blithely assuming I could go crazy with orange or yellow or fuschia or green, but someone looked in my bathroom mirror the other day and said, “I look green.”

So I’m feeling cautious. Any ideas? Should I go all white and let the curtain and some bright towels do the work? The walls are brown now and the wood trim is painted black.


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Dear Sara,

We say go for the white walls and trim. If you’ve spent this much time obsessively searching for that lovely shower curtain, then it’s time to show it off! We had peach walls and a similar issue with feeling like we looked peach (like your green guests) in our bathroom when we moved into our apartment last year. For bathrooms, we always know that white will work.

What does everyone else think?