Good Questions: Kitchen Counter Space?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear AT,

I live in a weirdly divided Victorian and I have virtually no counter space, just a little bit of corner twixt sink and stove. How can I maximize this space with room for espresso machine, toaster, etc.? The deepness of the space makes shelves tricky and I don’t want to block the window.

Best regards,

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Dear Maya,

We have a few ideas, but whether or not they’ll work for you depends on what available space you have other than your counters, and your priorities (convenience or a minimalist look):

• Our first suggestion would be to put up a system like this one from Ikea (Maxwell actually used it in this Mission: Organization episode). The shelves are pretty narrow and it’s really useful because you can also…
• Store the oil and condiments on it (or you could keep them in a cupboard)…
• And it has a hanging dish drainer (or we’ve seen freestanding hanging ones at Ikea and Conran — we can’t find them online now, though)…
• And you could put the espresso machine and toaster on one of the shelves (or you could keep them in a cupboard and take them out only when you use them)
• Or, if you have room, keep the espresso maker and toaster on a cart like one of these (they’re for sale all the time on Craigslist)
• Put the water filter in the fridge
• Put the pot or pan that’s on the stove in a cupboard or the drawer that’s located at the bottom of the stove — or hang a pot rack like one of these — and then get a stovetop cutting board like this, which adds more work space

Anyone else?