Good Questions: Help Clean Cat's Spaghetti

Good Questions: Help Clean Cat's Spaghetti

Aug 3, 2007

Hello folks at AT!

How can I better organize the cables at my desk?

I know that cable organization has been discussed several times here but I have an unusual situation. I own this beautiful secretary which I'm not willing to get rid of or alter so I can't run my computer cables out the back of the piece or underneath it.

My current set up has my laptop acting as a desktop (it rarely travels anymore since I stopped freelancing). There is a power cable, DSL cable and printer cable running into the back of the laptop. Additionally, there are occasionally a sync cable for my PDA and/or a cable for my camera (which I need to switch out as there are only 2 USB ports on my laptop).

Under the desk is a surge protector with computer power, router power, printer power, shredder power. Additionally, I occasionally use this power strip for my cell phone charger, PDA charger, and/or rechargeable battery charger. I use the power button on the surge protector to turn everything off (after powering down the computer of course).

My current set up has several problems:
1. The cables under the desk and going into the computer look messy and I'd like a cleaner look for them.
2. The power button on the surge protector is on the far side of the strip so I need to pull the whole strip (and thus the cable mess) out from under the desk in order to turn it off and on.
3. The printer currently sits on the top of the secretary but the power cord is too short to reach the surge protector (especially with pulling the power strip out from under the desk) so I currently have it plugged into an extension cord which then is plugged into the surge protector (thus adding to the cable mess).

Can anyone help me clean up this spaghetti??

The Green Cat

The Secretary presents a challenge with no easy way to hide the cords behind. You are going to have to have cords running up to the machine, our advice is to minimize the number of them. Go wireless for the internet and printer (if you can.) An even better solution, and one that can take into account your camera and PDA is wireless USB. Then, none of your peripherals will need to run up to the computer, but can be stored wherever your wireless USB hub is housed.

The power cables are a little more tricky, it all depends on how flexible you are with where things are placed. Maybe some of our readers can give you suggestions or offer personal expertise.

Thanks for the question!

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