Good Questions: Kitchen Sink/Cabinet Ideas?

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Hello AT,

I am considering an apartment (rental) that is the right size, space, price & location, but has a horribly wrong kitchen. I asked the broker to ask the owner about replacing, as I would only take it w/ new appliances.

The other kitchen issue is the kitchen sink and attached cabinet. It’s a porcelain double sink w/ dripping faucet, set above old metal cabinets. Since it’s a double sink there is no counter space in the tiny galley kitchen.

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced replacement solution for kitchen sink/cabinet combo? does not need to be anything fancy- this would be an investment made by a renter, and I only plan on living there for 2 yrs, but the current set-up is gross. I would be happy to lose double sink to have some counter space as well.

Thanks! Carolyn

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Dear Carolyn,

On a budget, we would have to say your best bet is UDDEN from Ikea. Check it out here. This is a freestanding sink/counter/storage system that can be configured in a number of ways. It will only cost you a couple of hundred dollars to get started here.

Anyone else??