Good Questions: Pre-Fab Insert To Fill Fixture Hole?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

A (handsome, charming, hunky) good friend of mine has removed a standard inset two-tube fluorescent fixture from his (drywall) kitchen ceiling (see pic), and is searching for a pre-fab insert to drop in and fill the void.

We’ve both seen them before… until, of course, he really needs to find one. The home improvement giants haven’t been of any help. He knows he can box out the space himself, but that seems like so much work when we KNOW this product exists, in spite of incessant Googling…

Oh, and he is in Atlanta, so it needs to be local to him, or an online source.

Help him, ATers? (I’ll score some serious points!) P2

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Dear P2,

Do you mean that you want to find a product that will fill this empty space and remove the light entirely? We think you do.

We are stumped too. We’ve only ever seen contractors seal the space up with sheetrock.