SF Good Questions: Help My Home Office!

SF Good Questions: Help My Home Office!

Feb 4, 2008

Hey AT, I moved into a very cute and very small apartment recently, and I'm going to start the 8-week treatment for the whole place very soon. But I must, must tackle my "home office" before any of that, though (I know, tsk tsk). I do work at home some days, and it's such a wreck it's been hard to get anything done...

I've e-mailed you a photo, and I didn't attempt to neaten up so we can all see that situation in all its glory. Note the very temporary college-era desk and plastic drawers, and there are cables everywhere. My biggest problem is the classic one: tons of computer equipment and very little space. The office is in my bedroom, and that little stretch of wall in the picture is all the space I've got. I can mount shelves, but that darn filled-in door has me stumped. I'm completely at a loss as how to start, and I don't want to just go out and buy any old desk and drawers and shelves out of desperation.

Oh, and I am definitely cutting down the office detritus before I start, but there's no getting around the two large displays, cpu, misc hard drives, speaker, large scanner, keyboard, tablet, printers. Lastly, this is a rental so there are limits to what I can pound into the walls (though I'm very handy, so DIY is cool). Help!

Thank you! (and sorry that was so long...)



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