Good Questions: What’s the Dope on Apt?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

One of your advertising links is apt-ny located in soho nyc. the seating on their website looks pretty modern and sleek .. with a price point comparable to cb2 and eq3. do you have any information on the quality/reputation/comfort of their products?

Thanks, Dave

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Dear Dave,

You’ve totally caught us out! We’ve been into Apt, liked it and not yet reviewed it.

Apt is hitting the niche of affordable sleeper sofas with the vengeance. While we think the quality is *fine*, the reason to shop here is for inventive design, extra bed ability and prices below $1500. This is not stuff you will hand down to your kids.

We consider this a good rung above Urban Outfitters (the college set) but a rung below DWR (the yuppie set – hey, that’s us! We just bought a Sonno mattress from DWR), so you can choose where you fit in.

Anyone else?