Good Questions: How To Soundlessen my Dogs?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I have two rambunctious dogs and very patient downstairs neighbors in an 1880’s eight-family building. Is there anyway to soundproof my floors.. or soundlessen them??

I have considered cork, but i am concerned it is not durable enough. We would all appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks, Patricia

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Dear Patricia,

The simple answer here is to get something soft onto your floor to take the treble out of your dogs paws on the floor and to damped the bass in general.

Cork, by the way, is very durable, but probably does not have as much of a soundproof quality as you need. In addition, your floors are Perty!

Aside from looking for rugs, we would recommend FLOR tiles which are both affordable, colorful and can be used to cover as much of your floor as you like.

Anyone else???