Good Questions: A/C Or The Highway?

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Hello AT,

I hate air conditioning but I have been given an ultimatum: either I get a/c or I sleep alone. I tossed a coin and a/c won.

Any suggestions on a window unit that is low profile and is super quiet?

Thanks, Slash

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Dear Slash,

We feel for you, we really do, and we DON’T want you to sleep alone, so we have a general answer for you.

You may be surprised to learn that most AC units that are made nowadays are pretty darn quiet. They are nothing like what we grew up with that made strange death-rattling sounds in the middle night. So the first part of our answer is not to worry too much about the sound and go shopping for what is right for your room. This requires getting the right size. For help with this check out How To: Buy An Air Conditioner.

Whether you are mounting in the wall or the window, we would recommend that you spend a bit more to get a bigger, more powerful one. We find that the bigger ones – due to their weight – damped the sound even further.

AND if you are interested in a big-bucks ultra quiet solution, you must check out Art Cool AC units.

Anyone else??