Good Questions: Where Can I Find This Calendar?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)


Hi, wondering if you know where I can find one of those black and white, oversized numbers wall calender? I feel like I’m always seeing them in dwell and other modern homes but couldn’t even find a picture as an example!? Any thoughts??

Thank you! Katie

PS. i’m addicted to your website. NO really, i can’t stop it sucks me in every morning…

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Dear Katie,

It sucks us in every morning too. 😉 (and sometimes a little later lately as we go through the growing comments and figure out the posts for the day…)

As for your calendar quandry, we think you meand the Pentragram Calendar which comes in two sizes and is featured as one of our Best Products. You can find out all about is here.

Are we right?

Anyone else??