Safely Re-Carpeting a Room for Small Kids

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Q: The recent “humidifier gunking up the carpet” question got me thinking that maybe the Ohdeedoh readers would be able to help me with my dilemma: I’d like to re-carpet the downstairs level of our condo, because the existing carpeting is old, worn, probably somewhat dirty, and has suffered water damage from time to time. However, what I’ve read about the “off-gassing” properties of new carpet, and the tiny fibers it releases, makes me concerned that putting in new carpet would not be a healthy solution since this is a family room/playroom that will have a toddler and a new baby rolling around in it. (continued…)

Sent by Kate

Are there any “green” options that won’t break the bank? I’ve looked into Flor tiles but am not sure how’d they’d do in a wall-to-wall situation. (Note: Unfortunately, tile or hardwood with an area rug are NOT viable options; this is a partially sub-grade room in Chicago, so not only is it very hard to keep it warm in the winter, it’s also not physically possible to use hardwood in.) Does anyone have an opinion on which presents a greater health risk to my children: mold and allergens trapped in the old carpet, or toxins being released by new carpet?

Editor: Good questions, Kate. Readers, which of these scenarios do you think is healthier for Kate’s kids? Has anyone tried Flor wall-to-wall and can give her feedback? Suggestions for green, healthy and affordable carpeting?

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