Good Questions: Ceramic repair?

Good Questions: Ceramic repair?

Janel Laban
Aug 14, 2006

Katie sent us this sad picture and a good question: Dear AT, I inherited a vintage Italian ceramic fish dish from my parents. The other week I came home to find the tail broken off. The cats must have gotten too frisky and broken it. Any suggestions on how to repair it? Glue? Super glue? Gorilla glue? Some other magical repairing solution? Thanks!

In our experience PVA (polyvinyl acetate) glues, like plain old Elmer's White Glue are the best for porous material repairs like this. The reason we like it is that you have time to work with it and can usually get a precise match before the glue sets - super glue just dries too fast.

The thin consistency (use a brush to apply) and easy clean-up (scrape off any excess with an exacto after drying) also makes the repair easier. A tip we just found : you may want to submerge the piece in a container with dry rice or beans to hold the repair in place overnight while it dries fully.

Calling all repair and restoration diy-ers...any info or advice to share?

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